Small Group Fitness Training

A unique program will be designed for you based on your evaluation. During your training sessions, you will meet with one of our certified trainers in a semi-private or small group format. In this personalized setting, you will be exposed to in-depth instruction while focusing on your specific goals. This is a great program for sports training and strength and conditioning, fat loss or post rehab. Small group personal training provides you all of the benefits of fitness training, privately, while sharing the cost. Youth fitness and senior exercise programs can be accommodated within this program. You also have access to the Team Training, Program Design, and Open Gym!

WE CHANGE LIVES! 15 Days for $89! We feel so strongly that Advantage will change your life that we will let you try our programs and facility for 15 days, for $89. No obligations, completely risk free. Get to know our friendly staff, see first-hand the results our industry changing technology can give you. Meet other members who are just like you; then decide if Advantage is right for you.*Restrictions Apply