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Recipe of the Month: Simple Turkey Soup

Make this wholesome, quick meal at home tonight. It?s high in fiber, packed with protein and tastes quite comforting and delicious. Enjoy the leftovers as a quick lunch or as tomorrow?s dinner. Servings: 8 Here?s what you need… 2 teaspoons olive oil 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 bunch of carrots, chopped 2 onions, chopped 1 […]

TIME Magazine: How to Eat Now

Eat at home because it?s good for you, it?s good for your family and it?s far easier than you think, says best selling food writer Mark Bittman, in a recent TIME?s cover story. In today?s fast paced world we consume over 30% of our daily calories away from home. These less-than-wholesome calories are accumulating around […]

Recipe of the Month: Breakfast Cookies

Yes, these cookies make an acceptable, wholesome breakfast! You?ll notice that there is zero sugar added to these cookies ? the sweetness comes from banana and applesauce. Feel free to add a large scoop of vanilla protein powder to the dough, to increase the protein content of each cookie. While it does take some time […]


I have always been one to struggle with weight loss but I have also been the one to procrastinate. My main goal for coming to Advantage was to lose weight for my wedding. I started working out about five months ago, right about the time I tried on my wedding dress for the first time. […]

Krista Dobo

I?ve been active all my life, biking, running, gym memberships, yoga, P90X, etc.? After being diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in my mid-20s I also became very conscientious about what I eat.? I?ve never had to battle weight loss, and was confident in my ability to manage a healthy lifestyle on my own. However […]

Steve Majeika

Although I never had been overweight or terribly out of shape, the idea of working out had been in the back of my mind for several years.? One day, after reading about a new kind of gym that was opening in Old Mystic, I finally decided that I wanted to develop some muscles for myself.? […]

Lisa Stevens

At just shy of 50 years old I was feeling more like 80.?A past injury resulted in the loss of the cartilage behind my kneecaps and is a source for the difficulty I experienced in climbing and descending stairs. This along with rheumatoid arthritis made every day chores seem like insurmountable tasks. After years of […]

Manny and Irene Makiaris

Just a couple of weeks after Advantage Personal Training opened its doors, my wife and I were running errands in downtown Niantic where we saw the newly-opened Advantage Personal Training. Even though I was handling the normal activities of daily life pretty well, I was severely overweight, not exercising and had tried every weight loss […]