Alan’s Success Story

Alan Before and After Advantage Personal TrainingI am extremely fortunate to have a wonderful family. Spending quality time with my wife and kids is paramount in my everyday life.

Having operations on both shoulders to repair AC joints and rotator cuffs compromised my ability to remain active with my family. Carpal tunnel in both hands and a diagnosis of hypertension further complicated the situation. I had to do something!

I first attempted cardio workouts, but it was difficult to incorporate them into my very busy schedule. Lifting weights did not work out because of the limited mobility in my shoulders. I was at a crossroads. The question was, ?Do I continue to struggle with conditioning activities that don?t fit into my life routine, or do I give up and not fulfill my goals?? The answer: Advantage Personal Training.

Because of the knowledgeable trainers at APT I learned how to meet my goals and stay healthy and safe. I was taught how to exercise while considering my own personal circumstances. My trainer would say, ?Don?t lift that weight at that angle Alan, it will aggravate your rotator cuff!? That sort of personal, individual attention keeps me safe while I get an excellent workout.

The proof is in the outcome. I have reduced my body fat by 27 pounds, to 17%. I have less shoulder and back pain, and I run eight-minute miles while enjoying greater flexibility.

I most enthusiastically recommend APT to anyone who wants to feel and look better. When I first thought of the name of the gym I thought of the word ?ADVANTAGE? as a competitive sports term. You know, gain an ?advantage? over your opponents. As time has passed, I now realize the ?A? in APT refers to an Advantage in life!

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