Angela’s Success Story

When I was in High School I participated in track, varsity volleyball, swimming, and cheerleading.

Later I made a life-changing decision to marry and become a mom instead of going to college and while I managed to play volleyball in the Mediterranean for a year after that, I put everything I had into parenthood and my level of physical exercise waned considerably. Little did I know how much I would miss it or how much it would affect my self-esteem.
Fast forward 35 years?..My children are now 33 and 29 and I have decided to return to an active, healthy life-style.

I joined Advantage Personal Training in October 2014 for two reasons. 1) I needed to awaken the dormant athlete in me, and 2) I accepted a challenge to run a Spartan Race.

I have joined many gyms in my lifetime but was unsuccessful in achieving my goals. I have found the perfect combination of instruction and comradery here at APT and somehow I have fallen in love with exercise again.

I completed the Spartan Trifecta this year which consisted of roughly 29.3 miles and 97 obstacles through mud, hills, and steep ravines. I feel FANTASTIC! I have learned that it has always been a part of me, just buried all these years.

As I not so patiently await the birth of my first Grandchild, I intend to continue on my physical journey to get my BMI in check and I am looking forward to doing it with the continued help of everyone here at APT

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