Danny's Success Story

Danny C’s Success Story

My name is Daniel Contino and I am currently a junior at Ledyard High School. As captain of the varsity wrestling team, I was fortunate enough to participate as our team won the Eastern Connecticut Conference and a Class M state title.

I chose Advantage Personal Training because it?s not as much of a gym as it is a community. In a traditional gym, it?s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle atmosphere fueled by peer competition and self-proclaimed workout gurus. At Advantage, there is a cohesive environment amongst the clients where everyone shares a similar goal of somehow transcending themselves to a higher level of health and wellness. Through the guidance of the certified Personal Fitness Trainers and staff, one can rest assured knowing they will be trained with professionalism.

Entering the current wrestling season, I was moved up a weight class from last year. I knew I needed to add some size to my frame. I told the Director of Personal Training, Keith Kessinger, about my goals and he designed a series of workouts targeted toward the concept of hypertrophy- the enlargement of muscles through the stimulation of muscle fibers which causes cells to expand- which is more commonly known as ?bulking up?. Keith integrated speed, agility, quickness warm-ups and ?drop set? hurricane workouts into my program enabling me to bring my cardio and endurance to an extremely high level.

Advantage Personal Training has improved my performance as a varsity athlete. I look forward to a healthy and successful wrestling season. Thank you APT!!!

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