Heather's Success Story at Advantage Personal Training

Heather’s Success Story

I came to APT in September 2017 as part of one of the 3-week Challenge groups. I had worked out my entire life in some capacity but found myself on a rollercoaster of ups and downs always due to a back injury and various other ailments. I was always worried about injuring myself further and had all but given up finding the right way to keep myself in shape. During the three week trial, I was impressed with the level of help and guidance I received regarding my workouts but also my nutrition. I eat mostly vegan so that presented a challenge for me to find the balance I needed to lose body fat while gaining muscle. I wanted to reshape my body and be healthy while doing it! Bethany and Paige were instrumental in giving me terrific ideas to help with the process! I was thrilled with my results at the end of the three weeks so I made the decision to join permanently! I have lost 15lbs since joining but MORE importantly, I have lost fat and gained lots of muscle and strength! I used to suffer from fairly extreme low back pain and that is all but gone! I LOVE the team classes and even on days when I have an injury the coaches are always giving me modifications so that I can still get a great workout without aggravating my injury! And when I work out on my own, coaches are always on the floor and able to help with form at any time. The entire staff is amazing! Friendly, helpful, and they genuinely care for my well being and want to help me any way they can to reach my goals.

I am SO happy that I made the move to APT! My son, who is 13 and a student-athlete, also joined in September and loves it as well. And NOW my husband is even giving it a trial run and has had nothing but positive things to say about his experience so far! I know he will end up joining as well.

I have belonged to many gyms in my life, but this is so much more than a typical gym experience. This is a family atmosphere and everyone is incredible. I can?t imagine going anywhere else! I am so grateful I found APT and want to share my experience with anyone who asks!

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