Krista Dobo

I?ve been active all my life, biking, running, gym memberships, yoga, P90X, etc.? After being diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in my mid-20s I also became very conscientious about what I eat.? I?ve never had to battle weight loss, and was confident in my ability to manage a healthy lifestyle on my own.

However about 2 years ago I started having pain in my left shoulder – the result of 16 years of sitting at a desk. I got some relief from physical therapy, but could not go back to strength training without pain.? I needed help!!? I heard about Advantage from a co-worker that had also recently finished physical therapy. When I started, my intent was to work with a personal trainer for about 3 months.? A year later I am still a member, and I have no intentions of leaving.? I work out with Will, my trainer, 3 times a week.? With Will?s coaching I?ve not only increased the strength and mobility in my shoulder, but also achieved a higher level of overall fitness than I ever could do alone.? Over this past year I have gained 7 lbs. as a result of creating a leaner body composition.? I?ve also learned how to move like an athlete, and have improved coordination.? I look forward to every work out!