Laura's Success Story

Laura’s Success Story

I became interested in Advantage when a friend suggested I try it for a month. I knew I was looking for a different way of working out that incorporated more weights and circuit training. I had been sort of stuck in a rut with my exercise program.

I never wanted to give up, but there were certainly times when it really challenged me. I had been recovering from a long battle with Lyme disease that took several years to get under control. I had only been doing low-level cardio for the previous few years. It was a big step forward for me to join Advantage.

My goal is to go to team training three times a week. I also try to incorporate yoga, tennis or walking at least two other days a week. I believe that I can be a better wife and mother when I am healthy and strong.

Advantage has an incredible, positive atmosphere. When I arrive, I am greeted with a smile by all of the staff. The trainers know me and can make recommendations about adjustments to my workout that are tailored to me. The team training classes are different every time which helps keep me motivated and interested.

When I stick to a fitness regimen and a healthy diet, I feel more confident tackling what comes my way. In addition, I feel it’s important to set a good example of what a healthy lifestyle looks like for my children. I have noticed that I am stronger which allows me to keep up with my very active family. I have also noticed that it has built up my self-confidence.

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