Maddie’s Success Story

Before joining APT I was a weakling. I had completely stopped any effort to establish and maintain even a rudimentary level of physical fitness. I was in constant joint pain, struggled to sleep, and had a major case of brain fog. I was not paying appropriate attention to my nutritional needs.

Since joining APT I am strong! have experienced a dramatic reduction in joint pain, my stamina has increased in all activities, and I am sleeping soundly. Mike Richards (APT Director of Training) has worked with me to teach me how to better care for myself nutritionally. My mental acuity is sharp, and I am able to enjoy life much more fully. Back before I’d let myself go, I used to go on weeks-long hiking and paddling trips, I climbed rock faces, and could dance all night. I wasn’t able to do any of those things by the time I joined APT. Today, I can do it all! APT has truly given me my life back.

Personally, I would recommend APT to someone who needs that little bit of extra motivation that is missing when going to a gym on their own. Being a part of a small group gives me the personalized attention I want, the camaraderie I need, and the accountability to keep me coming back. It also keeps the cost affordable.

Besides the small group experience I mentioned previously, an important element for me has been coordinating my fitness regimen with my chiropractic treatment. Greg Drab (owner of APT) and his staff have worked to incorporate the requirements of my chiropractic treatment with Dr. Chris Deveau (East West Chiropractic). This has allowed me to get the most out of both experiences.

I value greatly the individual attention I receive in my small group sessions. Each trainer at APT is familiar with my specific needs and goals. This keeps me motivated especially during the phases where my fitness level plateaus. I keep coming back, and before I know it, I’m breaking through to the next level. At 60 years old I have never felt better in my life!