Mari & Ed Suter

Mari & Ed Success storyThough we have different trainers, by training at the same facility we support and motivate each other. APT is integral to our goals–to remain healthy and active as long as possible.

Mari– Ten years ago, I was winded after a ?short walk and realized years of desk-jockeying were taking their toll. ?Our family physician recommended APT–best advice ever! For the past 7 years, APT and regular exercise have enabled me to maintain my ideal weight, take no prescription meds and enjoy blessedly good health, unlike my inactive peers. AND–I walk far and fast without being winded.

Ed– Six years ago following extensive back surgery, I started training at APT. My trainer used his vast knowledge to work his magic and move me from a post-operative state to being able to participate in more robust workouts. With regular vigorous workouts and my doctor’s consent, my hypertension medication dosage has been cut in half.

One size doesn’t fit all and the word “personal” in Advantage Personal Training assures that we both are safely trained to our maximum personal potential. Each trainer is a bit different; all are excellent. ?Greg and his trainers are all top-rate!