People of Fitness Dave

In my early 50’s I started to put on weight. ?In March 2017, I had moved to Mystic with my wife and we were looking for a life style change.?We joined a fitness training facility (Advantage Personal Training) with the hopes that we would have some guidance and structure. ?Well, the numbers don?t lie; my weight is down, my belt size is down, my?stamina has increased, and my?recovery in the gym has also?increased. ? I?m burning 600-800 calories per gym session!

Importantly, Advantage has tracked my body weight, lean muscle?versus fat mass and my numbers are progressing steadily. The mental impact has been really good too ! I have settled on the small group model and have been leveraging the different trainers.? All of them have a unique style, friendly, caring, and very much adapt to the needs of the client.

The gym’s atmosphere and ?culture? is gentle and caring. I don?t want to sound corny, but Advantage feels like a second ?home?. I can be myself. ?It has been great working out with my wife.? In some instances, our two sons have joined us when in town.? The oldest is in the?US Army and is very fit, but Advantage has managed to customize a routine that suited the 4 of us !!

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