People of Fitness Van B

Van B APTI have a grudging love/hate relationship with fitness training. ?Well, more importantly, I had a love/hate relationship with fitness training.

I probably spent 50 plus years in the traditional gym environment. ?At APT I now get a better workout and build muscle faster than I ever did in those 50 years. ?At no extra charge, I am also getting stamina and flexibility I had lost.

I remember the grinding repetitiveness of my decades of weight training. ?I might be in a different gym, but it was always the same workout.

At APT no workout is the same. ?Every time I arrive, I get a great trainer and a different workout. ?There is no way to become bored.

I have reached a certain age. When I arrive, we go through a check list. ?Knees? ?Back? ?Vertigo? ?Lungs? ?These talented trainers design a workout that allows me to challenge myself to the limits of that day’s capabilities.

At times I just stand in the middle of the gym and look at all the wonderful people there. ?(Okay, maybe I am also catching my breath!) ?

I almost said “everyday people” and that is not true. ?

They are incredibly upbeat, striving folks who are encouraged every step of the way by APT trainers, laughing and giggling while telling me they are dying. ?Last time I checked, most people are not giggling while they are dying.

Those people working out are pushing themselves as hard as they can and having fun while doing it. ?I think that is great. ?It is certainly unique in my experience.

There are some amazingly strong people there, both men and women, both young and old. ?However, there are no intimidating “monsters” like I know from other clubs, roaring and screaming.

There are people getting their “18 year old” body back and people like me who just want to be active until, hopefully, a very old age.

There are also people working out who, like me, face physical challenges, people who are in long recoveries of their strength, or perhaps people getting strength they never had. ?

There is my personal hero, a man who comes in and works out carrying an oxygen bottle. ?He is my “whine antidote”.

I have only been going to APT for a little over two and a half years, and I still love it. ?I am no where near a “long term” client. ?I believe there are individuals that have been working with APT for 18 years. ?They still love it too.

Does APT work? ?You can find a whole room of people, 7 days a week who would tell you “yes”.

Are you Ready to Start Looking Good, Feeling Great, and Living Life to the Fullest?