People of Fitness Laura

POF LauraHaving just turned 40, I decided as I was now officially a grown up, that I should do something to ensure my own well-being.? I was never a fitness minded person.? In fact, I was the kid who always skipped gym class.? But after working for over 20 years as a fiber artist and spending many long hours hunched over my work I was starting to feel the strain on my body.? Neck and back issues were starting to creep in. ?I was also travelling extensively for work and usually toting 70 to 80lbs of luggage behind me, which was becoming harder and harder to cope with.? I needed to find a way to build my strength.

?My first day at the gym was surreal (like I said, the kid who skipped gym class . . . ).? My first goal was to make it through the first week.? Before long, and much to my surprise, I was actually looking forward to my training sessions.? ?Small but Mighty? became my mantra and I worked hard to build up my endurance and strength.? These days I rarely suffer any back or neck pain and you should see me carry my bags up 3 flights of steps in the London Underground . . . you?d never know they weigh almost as much as me!

?In addition to my new-found enthusiasm for working out I have also, thanks to guidance from our nutritionist at the gym, discovered a previously unrealized interest in nutrition.? As someone who suffers from both celiac disease and dairy intolerance, food has always presented some challenges.? By combining a disciplined gym schedule with a health minded diet I?ve been able to maximize the benefits of working out.? Taking the time and making the effort to improve my own physical well-being is so rewarding and so empowering.? I only wish I had come to it sooner.

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POF Sally

People of Fitness Sally

I have to admit it?s pretty shocking to me that I will turn 70 years old the first week of October, 2017!? Almost equally shocking is the fact that come January, 2018, ?I will be beginning my 18th year here at Advantage Personal Training!

I think the best news about this BIG birthday is that I certainly don?t feel 70 ? or 60 ? or, most of the time, even 30.? I know I certainly was never in the shape forty years ago that I?m in now, and I know how much of that I owe to this gym.

My story, sadly enough, begins on the school playground.? When you?re only 4?10? in high school AND terminally shy ? and there is no Title IX, no tennis, no track, no basketball, no anything for girls but field hockey ? or field hockey ? you can imagine I was not a big draw for anybody?s team.? I grew up thinking that not only was I a sports failure but probably the most unathletic kid on the planet.

I started playing racquetball when I was nearly 40 and found out I wasn?t too bad, but until my early 50?s, I didn?t do much more than that.? Then, on a day that changed my life forever, I saw a small story in the Mystic River Press about a gym that had opened in Old Mystic.? Who knows why, but I called ? and the rest is history.

Although the owner was the same age as my kids, he had such an appreciation for creating a program tailored to each individual client and that client?s specific needs, even us middle-aged moms!? And so began my career in weight training.

As I became stronger and suddenly saw muscles ? REAL muscles on my arms and legs!!! ? I couldn?t wait to get to the gym and work out!? More than that, however,?I discovered that exercise had become a real lifestyle change for me.? As I worked through my program, I realized I wanted more and more, and so I added more fitness classes coupled with outdoor cycling, then weekly power walking with a group of other women.? AND I have hiked extensively in the White Mountains, the Canadian Rockies, Sedona, and the Atlas Mountains of Morocco all in the past 14 months!

It?s easy to see how exercise has changed and enhanced my life.? Would I be where I am at 70 without my exciting new ?jock? life?? Never!!!

And I admit it:? I wore a sleeveless dress to my 50th high school reunion two years ago, and LOL not for entirely honorable reasons!? It felt great!

300 Workout

300 Bodyweight Workout


Here is a challenging Bodyweight Workout you can do outside this weekend.

Complete all 50 Reps before moving to the next exercise. Rest as needed.

Warm-up 5-10 minutes

Squat Thrusts




Split Squats (50 reps each leg)

Inverted Rows

Air Squats


Here at APT, we take seriously our commitment to helping people change their lives. Your goals are our goals. And we will help you stay accountable to those goals, every day. We encourage you to come give us a try, at either our Mystic or our Niantic facility:

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People of Fitness Dave

In my early 50’s I started to put on weight. ?In March 2017, I had moved to Mystic with my wife and we were looking for a life style change.?We joined a fitness training facility (Advantage Personal Training) with the hopes that we would have some guidance and structure. ?Well, the numbers don?t lie; my weight is down, my belt size is down, my?stamina has increased, and my?recovery in the gym has also?increased. ? I?m burning 600-800 calories per gym session!

Importantly, Advantage has tracked my body weight, lean muscle?versus fat mass and my numbers are progressing steadily. The mental impact has been really good too ! I have settled on the small group model and have been leveraging the different trainers.? All of them have a unique style, friendly, caring, and very much adapt to the needs of the client.

The gym’s atmosphere and ?culture? is gentle and caring. I don?t want to sound corny, but Advantage feels like a second ?home?. I can be myself. ?It has been great working out with my wife.? In some instances, our two sons have joined us when in town.? The oldest is in the?US Army and is very fit, but Advantage has managed to customize a routine that suited the 4 of us !!

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