Holiday Tips from APT

Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season from Coach Greg Drab

The holidays are in full force and so far you?ve been lucky and the viruses circling the block and your house have missed you. What can you do to keep healthy and end the year on a high note?

Here are a few tips for you:

  • Wash your hands ? this is a no-brainer! Keep those hands free of germs by washing whenever you come into contact with an infected person and especially before eating.
  • Stay in control of stress ? I know the holidays can really bring a person to the brink, but take a few moments to yourself throughout the day to just ? breathe. Stay calm, it?ll all be over soon!
  • Sleep! ? You?d be surprised how much the amount and quality of sleep you get can affect your well-being.??Make sure you?re getting to bed at a decent time and getting solid sleep.
  • Keep your cooking surfaces clean ? wipe down all prep areas with antibacterial products prior to and after use.
  • Do not drink and drive ? if you will be imbibing, make sure you have a designated driver to get you both home safely.
  • Stay active ? if you can?t make it into the gym, take a walk around the block with your pets, take your kids to the park, walk around the mall if you?re up for that sort of thing. Just keep your body moving ? it?ll help with the stress as well.
  • Eat as healthy as you can ? Eat those veggies and fruits and keep a pack of almonds in your pocket for the times you?re looking for a snack.

With these tips, you?re giving yourself the best advantage to stay healthy through the holidays.

Linda’s Success Story

As a teenager, I carried a few extra pounds and did not like the image in the mirror. A few years after having my daughter at age 18, I joined my first gym, a women?s only facility. Not feeling challenged enough, I moved onto a coed gym, where I worked with a personal trainer. While I loved working with weights and my muscles became defined, I grew bored with the routine and decided to try the glitzy gym across the street where I mainly took spin classes and wandered aimlessly. Yet again, I grew bored.

I started running outside and a whole new world opened up for me! In 2005 I did a full marathon. This was my new thing! I could eat all I wanted and never gain weight due to all the cardio, but I still had these few extra pounds that would just not go away and was still not happy with the image in the mirror. In addition, I lost my muscle definition because I had stopped strength training.

Over the years, I?ve completed numerous 5K races (taking 1st place in my age group once), many half marathons, Ragnar Relay Road & Trail Races, and several obstacle course races (taking 3rd place in my age group in the Hartford Down & Dirty race a few years ago). I love the challenge, all the like-minded people I?ve met and all the sights I?ve seen while running through the countryside I otherwise never would have seen.

But still, those few extra pounds until I joined one of APT?s 21-Day programs in May of 2017. The nutrition plan was not at all hard to follow but was certainly different from anything I had tried before: counting calories or points, the South Beach diet, the Atkins diet (remember that one?)?But this plan worked! Quickly! In 21 days I lost those last stubborn 7 pounds and I could look at and carry myself in confidence!!! I was so psyched that I joined APT and I am so happy I made that decision because, the personalized strength training programs have brought back my muscle definition which in turn has improved my running performance and endurance, all while having fun. Amazing, right?, that at age 57, I?m in the best shape of my life and I feel it too! I LOVE Advantage Personal Training, where the workouts are never boring, the trainers are dedicated and obviously love what they do, the atmosphere is upbeat, and I always leave with a smile on my face. APT is most definitely ?The best part of my day?.

My next goal? The unassisted pull-up. Why? Because with APT I can!