Heather's Success Story at Advantage Personal Training

Heather’s Success Story

I came to APT in September 2017 as part of one of the 3-week Challenge groups. I had worked out my entire life in some capacity but found myself on a rollercoaster of ups and downs always due to a back injury and various other ailments. I was always worried about injuring myself further and had all but given up finding the right way to keep myself in shape. During the three week trial, I was impressed with the level of help and guidance I received regarding my workouts but also my nutrition. I eat mostly vegan so that presented a challenge for me to find the balance I needed to lose body fat while gaining muscle. I wanted to reshape my body and be healthy while doing it! Bethany and Paige were instrumental in giving me terrific ideas to help with the process! I was thrilled with my results at the end of the three weeks so I made the decision to join permanently! I have lost 15lbs since joining but MORE importantly, I have lost fat and gained lots of muscle and strength! I used to suffer from fairly extreme low back pain and that is all but gone! I LOVE the team classes and even on days when I have an injury the coaches are always giving me modifications so that I can still get a great workout without aggravating my injury! And when I work out on my own, coaches are always on the floor and able to help with form at any time. The entire staff is amazing! Friendly, helpful, and they genuinely care for my well being and want to help me any way they can to reach my goals.

I am SO happy that I made the move to APT! My son, who is 13 and a student-athlete, also joined in September and loves it as well. And NOW my husband is even giving it a trial run and has had nothing but positive things to say about his experience so far! I know he will end up joining as well.

I have belonged to many gyms in my life, but this is so much more than a typical gym experience. This is a family atmosphere and everyone is incredible. I can?t imagine going anywhere else! I am so grateful I found APT and want to share my experience with anyone who asks!

Officer Brock's Success Story

Officer Brock’s Success Story

My name is Brock Newman, and I am a Nuclear Submarine Officer in the United States Navy. Growing up in central Mississippi, I played many sports and was fortunate enough to play tennis collegiately. After college, I decided to serve my country and enlist in the United States Navy. Last summer I applied for Officer Candidate School (OCS) to which I was accepted. I have stayed in relatively good shape over my ten years in the Navy. However, OCS posed a tremendous physical challenge, and I simply was not ready. I needed to lose weight and get my body ready to start a running program.

Advantage Personal Training has played a huge part in my preparation for OCS. Keith, the Director of Programming, created a workout program that allowed me to increase my running workload while also focusing on bodyweight training. My program was extremely challenging, but I was always encouraged to excel by Greg, Keith and all of the staff at APT. The differences between a regular gym and APT are immediately clear; It may sound clich?, but APT fosters a culture where you are not just a client of a gym, but a member of a family. It?s easy to feel overwhelmed when making significant lifestyle changes in order to prioritize fitness and nutrition, but when you are a part of a family, it makes it that much easier.

I have since graduated from OCS and continue to exercise at APT with my wife Kristen. We are expecting our first child soon, and I can?t wait to continue prioritizing health and wellness with my family! Since I began training at APT, I have lost 23 pounds and I am in better physical condition now than when I played tennis in college. Thank you APT!

Barry's Success Story

Barry’s Success Story

Once upon a time, my workouts consisted of long-distance running on a daily basis. Then in the early 2000?s I developed disfunction in my left quad muscle, a result of an ill prescribed medicine. As a result, I was forced to walk with a cane. Advancing age (I was in my 70s) contributed to balance and endurance issues.

About 10 years ago Judy Falcone, my trainer, turned my life around. My balance and vitality returned and my confidence soared. Judy designed workouts to improve my overall fitness, but more importantly, targeted the problems with my quad muscle. I no longer need a cane!
This year I ran the Irish 5K and came in fourth in my age division. At age 77 I was the oldest runner in the race.

I most enthusiastically recommend Advantage Personal Training to anyone who wishes to improve his or her health. It?s a pleasure to train in a friendly, supportive atmosphere with people who are truly interested in their clients? success and wellbeing.

Arionna's before and after

Arionna’s Success Story

January 26th, 2017 was my 1 year anniversary at APT in Niantic. Joining Advantage was one of the best decisions I?ve ever made. I am not the same Arionna that walked through that door for the first time a year ago. I had no self-esteem, no confidence, no motivation, and I didn?t believe in myself. But I needed to do something because I was gaining weight quickly, and I was living a sedentary lifestyle. Plopping my butt on the couch after work with a glass of red wine and watching TV became a routine for me.

One day I came across the APT 21 Day Challenge on Facebook. It looked like something that I could do to get me moving and lose weight. After the challenge was over my results were incredible, I lost inches all over my body and just felt 100 times better. I actually started to enjoy working out and looked forward to going to the gym after work. Every day I felt myself getting stronger, and simple everyday tasks were getting easier. I could now carry groceries up a flight of stairs without getting winded, and I could pick up something without having to hold onto to something.

Working out daily has helped me physically and emotionally. Since I started at Advantage I?ve lost 20 pounds and gained quite a bit of muscle. My body has changed dramatically. I?ve become a lot stronger and my endurance has improved. I don?t have any of the aches and pains I used to have. My attitude has changed. Instead of saying I can?t or this is too hard for me I now challenge myself and give it all I have every team training I attend. I now believe in myself and believe that anything is possible through discipline and perseverance. In a year I have managed to reach my goals which were to complete a 5k race, lose weight, and do an unassisted pull-up.

My new goal is to compete in a bikini competition. I know I will reach this goal because the Trainers and the other members at Advantage are so supportive and motivating. I couldn?t do it without them!

nutrition and weight

Lose Belly Fat Faster Than Ever

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished that you could make your belly fat vanish before your eyes? Unattractive fat around the stomach is one of the most common body frustrations that my new clients complain about.

No one wants a squishy stomach! Frustrating as it is, losing body fat is a slow and steady process, rather than an instantaneous fix.

However, I do have an extremely effective method for losing belly fat faster than ever, and I?d like to share it with you today?

The Two-Pronged Approach to Rapid Fat Loss. This effective, fat-melting method attacks fat simultaneously on two separate fronts for maximum effectiveness: your sugar intake and your high-intensity workouts.

Prong #1: This part of the strategy requires zero extra effort on your part! In fact, all you have to do is STOP doing something that you?re already doing! You stop eating harmful, refined sugar, in all its forms. This means no sodas, no desserts, no packaged snacks, no candy, no mocha lattes, NO SUGAR AT ALL!

Stop and consider the food that you eat in an average day. Focus primarily on the items you habitually eat that contain sugar. It may be shocking to find out how much refined sugar you actually consume. Eating sugar is the fastest way to gain weight, so it makes sense that eliminating sugar is the smartest way to start your rapid fat loss.

Do not, however, starve yourself of healthy calories. Fill your diet with lean meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds as you cut out the refined sugar. Keep your metabolism high by fueling up on high protein, high fiber, low carb, and zero sugar foods whenever hunger strikes.

Prong #2: Here?s the part of the strategy that requires some effort, but trust me when I say it?s worth it. Crank up the intensity of your workouts to a whole new level.

Most people take exercise on with the slow and steady mentality ? moving, pushing and pulling as little as possible while still ?getting the job done?. I?ve got some news for you?if you still have belly fat to lose then the job wasn?t getting done.

If you can comfortably hold a conversation, hardly break a sweat or feel the same when it?s over as you did when it began, then you?re simply not pushing yourself hard enough while you exercise.

Increasing the intensity of your workouts requires focused intent. You must go into the session with the goal of pushing your body to the limit. Remember, it?s a contained timeframe that will be over shortly, so bear down and deal with the discomfort. With practice, you will learn to embrace the burn.

The safest and most effective way to crank up the intensity and effectiveness of your exercise time is to work with a qualified fitness professional, such as myself. I would love to hear from you!

Call or email me today and together we will get you started on your fastest fat loss ever!