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Black Bean Protein Brownies

This recipe really takes the healthy factor to brand new heights by combining black beans with protein powder for an extreme boost of both protein and fiber! We lightly sweeten it with raw honey – which has a host of its own nutritional benefits – and finish it off with some stevia-sweetened chocolate chips?. Courtesy […]

Healthy Pad Thai

This recipe for a Pad Thai is lower in carbs and higher in protein than what you?d get at your local Thai place, yet filled with all the same flavors that you love. If you?ve been craving Pad Thai but don?t want to sacrifice all of the hard work that you?ve been putting in with […]

Incredible Hulk Muffins

These tasty muffins are free of gluten, refined sugar, additives, artificial coloring and artificial flavors – all of the hidden harmful ingredients that fill most kid foods on the market. In addition, we?ve packed FRESH spinach and wholesome?protein powder ? in the batter for additional nutritional benefits. Best of all these muffins taste fantastic, so […]

Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos

Here?s a simple, delicious dinner that your whole family will love. Simply throw the chicken ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning, and come home to a healthy, flavorful meal. Double up on this recipe and use it for your weekly meal prep! Courtesy of RealHealthyRecipes.com What you need Servings: 8 2lbs boneless, skinless […]

Fitness Lasagna

A great way to reduce the calories in your day is to eat healthier versions of your favorite dinners. This lasagna is the perfect example. The calories, carbs and fats in this dish have been dramatically reduced with some creative ingredient swaps. Instead of regular lasagna noodles, this recipe calls for zucchini noodles in order […]

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Here?s an EXCITING slow cooker chicken dinner recipe to spice up your life! By wrapping our chicken breast with strips of turkey bacon, cooking over sweet potato and covering with BBQ-covered green apples we create a dish that is BURSTING with flavor, while staying healthy on fitness friendly. Be sure to use a BBQ sauce […]

Guilt-Free Pizza Crust

Who knew you could make a high protein pizza crust that tastes this good?! We all love pizza, but we also want to be fit and healthy. Traditional pizza crust is loaded with processed ingredients and simple carbs that promote weight gain, BUT THIS PIZZA CRUST is different! This pizza crust is made with CHICKEN, […]