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Arionna’s Story

Without motivation, Arionna’s fitness goals?often failed. When she found Advantage Personal Training, all that changed. Not only has she gained muscle and lost weight, she’s met new friends who share the same goals and considers APT the BEST part of her day. Watch her story here.

Joel’s Story

Before coming to Advantage Personal Training, Joel’s workouts were non-existent. Find out how Joel lost 25 lbs, became healthier, and made new friends with like-minded individuals at APT.

Sue’s Story

When Sue’s usual walking + strength training routine wasn’t cutting it, she turned to Advantage Personal Training to help her get back in shape. Not only is she in MUCH better shape than last year, but her workouts are now tailored to her ability, allowing her to workout like a champ, despite having a knee injury. Find out how she does it.

Mari & Ed Success story

Mari & Ed Suter

Mari & Ed Success storyThough we have different trainers, by training at the same facility we support and motivate each other. APT is integral to our goals–to remain healthy and active as long as possible.

Mari– Ten years ago, I was winded after a ?short walk and realized years of desk-jockeying were taking their toll. ?Our family physician recommended APT–best advice ever! For the past 7 years, APT and regular exercise have enabled me to maintain my ideal weight, take no prescription meds and enjoy blessedly good health, unlike my inactive peers. AND–I walk far and fast without being winded.

Ed– Six years ago following extensive back surgery, I started training at APT. My trainer used his vast knowledge to work his magic and move me from a post-operative state to being able to participate in more robust workouts. With regular vigorous workouts and my doctor’s consent, my hypertension medication dosage has been cut in half.

One size doesn’t fit all and the word “personal” in Advantage Personal Training assures that we both are safely trained to our maximum personal potential. Each trainer is a bit different; all are excellent. ?Greg and his trainers are all top-rate!


John Scot Success Story

John Scott

John Scot Success StoryMy weight loss and physical fitness journey started 15 years ago. I was turning 30. I was going grey. What wasn?t turning grey was attempting to go away. I was diagnosed with incredibly high blood pressure. And I was significantly overweight. Needless to say it was a traumatizing time in my life.

As I was pondering what to do with all this stuff in the gym I had joined I had the good fortune to receive a phone call from Greg Drab who was calling my office regarding a product I administer. It was just luck that I was covering the phones that day. I?m pretty sure I answered his questions but I also made an appointment to become a client at Advantage.

That phone call was ten years ago and I now know how to properly use the gym and I really enjoy it. It is my morning coffee and de-stressor. I went from being a lifelong fat guy to an athlete. Through the guidance of Greg and his team of coaches I have done all kinds of things that I would not have done before such as a Triathlon, Tough Mudder or the Men?s Health Urbanathlon. I find the challenge of training for these events to be incredibly fun and have made some great friends along the way.

What I like the best about Advantage is the fact that it truly is a judgment free zone. People come in all shapes and sizes and many different capabilities combined with our own fears and idiosyncrasies. None of that matters at Advantage and it truly made a difference with me as I now feel very comfortable working out and competing with some amazing athletes who would have intimidated the you know what out of me in the past.

So now at 45, I am in the best shape of my life. 30 days made it a habit. 15 years later it?s a vocation!