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Walking Can Prevent Back Pain, Study Finds

Walking regularly after a flareup of back pain can prevent another occurrence for twice as long, according to a new study.

“Walking is a low-cost, widely accessible and simple exercise that almost anyone can engage in, regardless of geographic location, age or socio-economic status,” said a researcher from Sydney, Australia, where the study was conducted.

It followed more than 700 people, most of them women in their 50s, who had suffered back pain that was bad enough to keep them from daily activities. The study was published in The Lancet journal.

Participants also took less time off from work and cut medical visits in half, the study found.

An earlier study found that a fitness program that combines strength, flexibility, aerobic fitness is beneficial, the The National Institutes of Health says.

These are both just further evidence that exercise helps you feel and move better.

And with back pain the second most common cause of disability, this is good news for countless millions of people.

Walking improves blood flow throughout the body, reduces time sitting, and improves the joints, among other benefits. It also spurs the brain to solve problems and think creatively.

But walking is just a first step, so to speak, in a well-rounded fitness program. You have so much more to gain from resistance training and more.

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